Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Survey Says...Dr. Miraculous

I cannot give enough rave reviews about Dr. Grandel's products. I was first introduced to his products when I expressed my concerns to my esthetician when I was pregnant. I did NOT want to get stretch marks. Martine suggested one of his phyto-oil products and the results were amazing! I'll discuss that miracle oil next time. I was so thrilled with the results on my body that I couldn't wait to try his face creams. I was hesitant at first because it was a "cream". The name itself reminds me of heaviness. I was used to light products like Cetaphil or oil-free Almay face moisturizers. I was fearful that it would make me break out. But Martine assured me that I would love it and that under-hydrated skin can also lead to unclear skin.
Dr. Grandel A-C-E

Amazon.com: Dr. Grandel - Protect A-C-E - Vita Night - 1.73oz: Beauty, $56
Amazon.com: Dr.Grandel Dr. Grandel Protect A.C.E. Vita Day: Beauty, $50

What I liked about Dr. Grandel's A-C-E vita day and night cream:
-the smell, it's so refreshing
-smooth consistency
-a little goes a long way
-face was soft and hydrated all day
-gives skin a healthy glow

What I disliked about Dr.Grandel's A-C-E vita day and night cream:
-somewhat pricey in the $50's depending on where purchased
**I sometimes used the day for both night and day uses when I ran out of the night cream jar
-there is drying time or absorbing time that you have to allow before applying any foundation

His products are never tested on animals and the company is environmentally conscience. Overall, I say BUY, BUY, BUY it!

With Love From SoCal,


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