Thursday, September 29, 2011

Color Me Lucy

I have been debating on whether or not I was going to rock a pair of colored skinny jeans. And of course would I in fact be able to "rock" them? I featured a cobalt blue pair of skinny jeans in a Wednesday Wish List. Since then I've seen many other colors and cuts advertised mostly by J Brand. I just couldn't see myself paying $176/pair. But then I got an email from Singer22 that they were on sale for 30% off. Great deal, but for a pair of jeans I wasn't sure of? I found another option before I decided to commit.

Bright Fall pants

Oh, those sale advertising emails! It's so hard for me to actually get out and shop these days that I love getting them. What did moms do before the internet? I know, those big catalog books! Remember those?

Then it got me thinking about episodes of I Love Lucy where she would hide packages from Rickkyyyy or finagle purchasing that dress from that local shop she frequented. I have felt like Lucy more than once. My favorite was when my husband questioned me about a purchase delivered via UPS at 7pm(really, he couldn't have come a little earlier???). It was my Tibi blouse from The Outnet that I wore in one of my LOTDs. They require a signature b/c of the expensive designer items sold there, even though my blouse was affordable, I swear!

I'll be wearing my royal blue skinny pants on a Look Of The Day to long as they fit me!

Will you be rocking some brights on the bottom this Fall? Tell us and send the pics of course!!!

With Love from SoCal,



  1. Love this post! I have been contemplating colored skinny jeans, especially in red! I have more of an athletic build- so I'm glad I tried them on...maybe I'll stick with boot cut instead....They look so good on everyone else! =( Jessica

  2. I know what you mean. I'm glad I ordered a $29 pair instead of $176 J Brand's. I'll wear them on a future LOTD! Fingers crossed I don't look like sausage legs. hahaha

    Where did my Lucy pic go? Her in that mink!

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