Monday, June 6, 2011

Spanx You Very Much...

Last week I attended a day wedding. I wanted something with color, yet understated. Bianca came to the rescue by giving me a dress to borrow. When I tried it on at her house, it felt great, but when I tried it on again at home, I had some reservations. I didn't feel comfortable to dance in it. My busy weeks mean less time in the gym. Less gym time means less firmness. I know I can wake up early to squeeze in a workout, but I can never commit to it. I panicked as I realized I could not tone up in a few short days. I decided something had to be done.

I went through my drawers and found a pair of footless pantyhose by Assets. As you may already know, Assets is a hosiery solutions/shaping undergarment line by Sara Blakely, brain child of Spanx. I tried on my footless pantyhose only to be disappointed. They were too long and visible under my dress. With much hesitation, I cut them to fall on my upper thigh. I tried the dress on with them and without them. Although the visible difference was slight, I felt much more comfortable having that extra support. Then I started to battle with myself. I had never opted to wear nylons as support. Living in San Diego, the only time I wear nylons is in the "winter" with my skirts so my legs don't look as pale. I never sought out their shaping power. Should I just go without them and feel uncomfortable, or should I rock them and admit to myself that time changes your body, and it is okay to get a "lift?" Well, after multiple times and looks in the mirror with them on and off, I decided to wear them. It is better to be comfortable in your skin, even if that means admitting you may need some help.

With Love From the West Coast,


P.S. Can you tell which is with and which is without?


  1. Don't kill me if I'm wrong, but is the picture on the right with spanx?

  2. Ding Ding! See you soon! Maybe I'll have my Spanx on for the wedding!


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