Thursday, June 2, 2011

My New Favorite Beauty Regimen

I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to stay home and raise my two children. However, being one income short means having to prioritize needs over wants. So the first thing to go were the much enjoyed facials. I manage to find time to put on the occasional mask, but my crazy life sometimes has me leaving it on way too long! I needed to find a quicker solution that would remove the sunscreen, makeup and still work on minimizing pores like a facial or mask would.

A few months back, the show The Doctors featured the Clarisonic handheld facial cleanser tool. Then again, it was featured on Oprah's Favorite things episode. So I started my online research of the product. I first visited to see their full product line. Then I searched for the best deal on other sites as well as reviews. I found the most bang for my buck to be on I even had the option to do easy-pay(spread payments over 3 months).

I was so excited to try my new at home facial kit. I was thrilled to find out that it was waterproof too. There even was an attachment for the body. This is especially helpful before trips to the beach or applying self-tanner. The results are amazing and leaves my skin ready to absorb my face moisturizer and my body to absorb lotion. The best part is it only takes two minutes!!! I started using Clarisonic every day, but soon discovered my skin type saw the best results when I used it every other day, but only once a day. Otherwise, it made my skin produce too much oil. I am just loving this beauty regimen. I even worked the freebie cleansers into my routine. They have such a refreshing scent to them.

Not sure if you're ready to invest over $100? Try:

  1. DDF Revolve 400X Micro-Polishing System for only $95. Visit

  2. Pro-X polishing system by Oil of Olay for around $30 at your local drugstore, or Target.

With love from SoCal,


  1. I would really like to invest my money in one of those cleanser!
    Looks like it does a pretty good job


  2. hi Stephanie..this is Gina (East Coast) sister Bianca is SoCal...when i went out to visit her last month i tried hers out...i fell in LOVE...i was amazed that how quickly it made my skin look so clean and give me such a nice glow...not to mention that my mosturizer and makeup applied so nice, i really can notice the difference.


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