Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday Wish List...She's Got Legs

I'm loving this Lorena Sarbu sequenced mini and Sergio Rossi heels that Carrie Underwood wore on American Idol's results show. But maybe even more than this ensemble, I'm loving those legs! Seriously, lounges anyone? If the warm weather hasn't motivated me to tone up, this picture definitely has. I'm unconsciously toning my arms with 15 and 30lb weights (my children) throughout the day, but I think I'll have to start lounging around the house too. Is there a dress you're dying to wear this summer? What are your pre-summer toning exercises?

Carrie Underwood

With Love From SoCal,



  1. I also have legs...and I didn`t torture mine with fake tan, oil & work-outs...*ugh*

    Sure, these legs meet the current beauty-standart but to me they simply scream "insecurity" since only insecure people must conform.

  2. I agree with the overdoing it with the spray tan and oil, but they are in great shape!


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