Monday, April 18, 2011


After attending a baby shower yesterday, there has been something on my mind. I was not sure what to wear, but figured dark jeans and a cute top would be a safe bet. I contemplated wearing a summery dress, but I did not want to be too fancy. I figured the mom-to-be would be in something similar, and I really wanted her to stand out. Granted, a gorgeous pregnant woman with glowing skin, beautiful baby bump, and super healthy hair stands out all on her own. Still, I was surprised by how "fancy" some of the ladies looked on a casual Sunday. This made me think about how carefully I dress for weddings and birthday parties. The guest of honor deserves all the spotlight. I am always surprised when I see people wear white, lacy dresses or super sexy dresses to weddings. IMHO, over the top outfits have no place when celebrating a friend's birthday. Do people get caught up in the idea of soiree that they go a few steps too far? Maybe it's been awhile since they have gotten all dressed up and they can't wait to get out and party? I remember when I was planning my bachelorette party- the girls all wore black or red, and I had on a black and red banded dress to anchor us all together. We sassily strutted down the street...with not a single feather boa in sight! So ladies, as you get ready for that special event, really think about what you put on and the message you are sending. Perhaps outlet your creative energy with a statement necklace or killer clutch. Maybe really play up your eyes or try a bold lipstick or polish to spice things up.

With Love From the West Coast,

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