Thursday, April 14, 2011

Girl Time

As you know last week I was in So Cal visiting my sister, her family and Michelle (Ms. West Coast editor herself). I can’t find the words to describe what a wonderful time I had; but a little piece of my heart breaks when I have to kiss my niece and nephew good-bye.

On my trip we were able between, Disneyland, My Gym, nap time, play time and dirty diapers to find some girl time. As we get older what girl time consists of changes. In our 20s girl time was easy; we would have spent the day on the beach, and then would have gone shopping, and to dinner followed by dancing the night away. But in our 30s girl time is a little harder to find. Our schedules get jammed packed with life, kids and even more responsibility. Our girl time this year consisted of shopping for beauty products and swapping clothes and bags. Even though I have come to terms with the fact that my feet will always be a ½ size bigger, that doesn’t stop from trying on all the fun shoes in my sisters’ closet. I also know my thighs will never be able to squeeze into her or Michelle’s fabulous jeans which forever will make me jealous (in a healthy way). We can, however, sometimes fit into each other’s tops. Loving the long cashmere sweater my sister let me borrow since winter is over for them (pictured below). I also came home with one my fave bag from her closet, her Furla (pictured below). I was always in love with the color!

When clothes’s swapping was done we each had one beauty piece we wanted to focus on. My focus was my eyebrows. Knowing Michelle would be equipped with her eyebrow kit and her new found knowledge of eyebrow grooming, shaping and filling; along with the honesty of my sister, I knew I was in good hands. Just to side bar with a little history, I have always had eyebrows with no real shape from waxing since I was a teenager. After many giggles and texting pictures to our mother we did find the correct shape and color needed, so we were off to Target. I purchased three different name brands of eye brow kits; Elf, NYC, and Covergirl. I have to say I liked Elf the best. The application was easy and the color was a great natural looking match. My eyebrows look fuller, with a natural deep color and now I have the shape that I need to compliment my face. I also purchased Elf clear eyebrow and mascara; it is a two for one. This product added a nice finishing touch. I was as pleased with the price as I was with the product. My only dissatisfaction was the application brush that came in the kit. I purchased a separate application brush from Elf and was overall pleased.

Here are a few pictures from my visit and our Lotus Blossom Design jewelry party we had while I was out there. Thanks to all the ladies who came out! xo

With Love From the East Coast,

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