Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's In the Bag

Welcome to It's In the Bag, where we interview our favorite people to see what's in their bag and learn a little more about them.

Meet Lotus Blossom Design Fan and Fashionista Jennifer Miller....

What are two fun facts about yourself?
I am learning to speak Italian and I will be taking golf lessons this summer.

What bag are you rocking in your picture?
My black Coach purse. A few years ago I decided instead of continuing to by cheap purse after cheap purse that I would invest in a few well made purses. It is a classic that I will have for many years.

What are two things in your bag right now that you can't live without?
My iPhone and my lipstick. I found this new shade "Luminous Lilac" and I love it. It looks so natural and adds just a touch of shimmer. Perfect for the summer!

Who Is your favorite bag designer and why?
I have fallen in love with my Coach bags. They can be both unique and classic.

Do you own a bag by this designer? Or are you waiting for that dream to come true?
I own five now. My favorite is a brown patchwork one and the other is my summer white one with the pastel "C"'s. My 11 yr old daughter has already claimed that one in her inheritance!!

What nail polish color you have on do right now?
Cotton Candy pink

With Love From the East Coast,

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