Monday, March 21, 2011

Hot For Teacher

In an effort to feel comfortable at work, I have to choose my outfits carefully. As a teacher, I am always sitting on the floor or crouching down beside a desk. I am very aware when things are too tight, uncomfortable, or if I get blouse buckle. Apparently, students are also very aware of what I wear. There is just something so fascinating about nylons and tights. I have had students ask why my legs were so dark, and I even had a second grade boy attempt to touch my nylons during storytime! Girls usually always comment on my jewelry or high heels. Since I am in regular contact with parents or in staff meetings, I always want to look my best. When I think back to my first teaching days, I have come a long way!

During my internships, I must have felt the need to dress extra "teachery." Being new to the field, I was very excited and put careful thought into each of my outfits. I would rotate black pants, jumpers, cardigan sets, floral print skirts, and khakis. I exuded "teacher." Now, I am still very excited about what I do, but I have thankfully broken the stereotypical mold. Adding sparkling jewelry, wearing hoops, rocking blazers, and adding some solid 3-4 inches to my frame through an assortment of heels helps me push the "teacher" envelope on a daily basis. I do own some great cardigans, but I have widely expanded my work wardrobe. Although being a teacher is a big part of who I am, my profession no longer has such a tight grip on my wardrobe.

With Love From the West Coast,

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