Friday, March 18, 2011

First Friday

Men’s Fashion Weekend with Mr. Mind Fatigues

Welcome everyone! For this first addition, I want to focus on how important it is for men to dress for their day’s mind state. With a lot on your plate (or very little), I always find it easier to accomplish things at a much faster rate when I dress for my tasks. For example, going to a beach, would you wear a heavy leather coat? Yeah, I would hope not; not unless you plan on literally baking and fainting from heat exertion.

So if your day consists of being in a hurry where ever you go, I suggest you dress accordingly. Spring is here, and for men who sweat after taking 3 steps, try wearing a black t-shirt as is or as a first layer. Secondly, experiment with deodorants in search of one that works most effectively with your body chemicals. Open your mind to the varieties out there! I’m not advocating jumping on the Secret bandwagon; I’m suggesting a step outside of your box.

Mr. Mind Fatigues

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