Monday, January 31, 2011

Fashion Doldrums

Ever wonder how a quick trip to the mall can cause a fashion meltdown? This weekend I was trying to figure out what to wear when I realized my quick errand was turning into a fashion fiasco. I was tired of my usual jeans and t-shirt, and the changing weather from cold, to warm, to rainy was making me more confused. I just wanted to run out of the house and go, but I also wanted to look nice. Since I hadn't been to the mall in a while, I was looking forward to making a mini fashion adventure out of the day. Minutes ticked by as jeans, tops, and shoes were tried on and thrown onto the bed. I let out a big sigh as I thought back to our past blogs. I knew exactly what I needed to do...step it up and try something new.

Five minutes later I was dressed in skinny black pants with a graphic, light black t-shirt. The shirt was slightly sheer, but still appropriate for daytime. I put on my silver BCBG open-toed shoes, a funky silver necklace, and grabbed my Betsey Johnson purse...a large black tote with pink, purple, and red lipstick kisses. I was definitely dressing out of my comfort zone. I could not remember a time I wore black pants and a black shirt. I had this rocker-esque look going on, and I walked out of the house with my head held high. I received multiple compliments on my necklace and purse, and it felt good to wear something different. If we never take fashion risks and try something new, we aren't really experiencing all fashion has to offer.

With Love From the West Coast,


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