Saturday, October 12, 2013

Look of the Day: Replay

All of the elements in this disco look with a sporty twist you've seen before here & here except for the shoes.  My girlfriend Megan from CA had come to visit and on her last night, we hit a movie and then remembered that she needed a duffle bag to throw in the extras to avoid the over 50lb luggage charge.  Ross happened to be open past 10 so we took a chance.  She found a hefty, yet stylish duffle and as we were walking out she told me to try these gray and flourescent heels on.  This was very uncharacteristic on both our ends...she's the "do I really need those?" and I'm the "oh yes, I definitely need those!" when it comes to shopping.  I hadn't even looked around, I was intent on finding Meg a carryon and that was it.  So I ended up leaving with these $35 Sam Edelman heels and her with her bag.   


With Love & Sunshine,


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