Monday, January 14, 2013

Do You Really Have A Style?

In today's world of bloggers, looks of the day, Polyvore, and Pinterest (to name a few), along with online shopping, we spend countless (but semi-productive) hours on these sites creating looks we love, or wish we had.  Do you find yourself creating, or repining, looks that you wish where in your closet?

Or, are you not sure how to take your current style and transform it to the next level?  Well, I have been finding myself in the same boat.  My closet is pretty bland!  So we are going to walk through this together.   We will break it down into a few segments so we can really take our time, and focus, piece by piece.

Our first step - tackling the closet!  Almost every blogger has done a piece on how to clean out, or organize, your closet (heck, we even did about it here and here).  These are great for references, but for this project, lets incorporate some of the staples and take it to the next level.


Grab your favorite beverage (coffee, tea, or wine) and begin! Go through your closet and really look at what you have (there are always hidden treasure in there!).   

  • Remember the Clothing rule of thumb - if you have not worn or looked at it within the last 12 months - donate it.  

Once you have removed the pieces you want to donate, look for your staples.
  • Black Dress pants
  • Black Dress
  • Favorite Jeans
    • Casual
    • Dark Wash
  • Classic Tees
  • Cardigan
  • Go To Skirt
  • Cute Flats
  • Go To Heels
If any of these staples are missing from your closet - make a note - they will be on your 'must have' list.
Now, when everything is back in your closet, and neatly organized, we have some homework to do. Grab a pen and paper, along with your computer (laptop or tablet); I want you to take a look at what styles you seem to gravitate to.  Find patterns or common pieces and jot them down.

Now here comes the truly hard part...being honest with yourself.  Our body types are all different (not one better than the other, just different), and not every style or designer is made for every body type.  There are looks that Ms. SoCal rocks that I LOVE...but could not pull off because we have different shapes.  So really, take some time, look at what you want to add into your wardrobe.   You need to ask yourself if this is a look that would be the most flattering to your body type.  If the answer is 'Yes', great, add it to the list.  If 'No', go back and find one that is flattering to your shape.

With Love From the East Coast,


  1. i wish if were that easy to get rid of stuff. will make myself try sometime. not today, though.


  2. great post. i neeeed to get rid of some (or a lot of) stuff. i tend to not follow the 1 year rule and keep stuff i haven't worn in a long time "just in case." it's so hard to purge, but i try to get rid of at least a little bit of stuff twice a year.


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