Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spring Cleaning: Part 1

This week we have looked at all things let's focus on Spring Cleaning out our Closet.  While I know a large majority of us wish we had SJP's closet, but that is not a reality.  So let's work on getting ours to look this good!

Lets start by recapping the clothing rule of thumb...if you have not worn or looked at it within the last 12 months, donate it.  As for organizing your closet, there is no standard right answer since everyone does not have the same closet.  If your closet is on the smaller side, try adding shelves, extra bars or hooks to help keep your pieces neat and easily accessible.  To make things easy to find use clear bins and labels or pictures identifying bin contents.  You can also add a scented sachet or room fragrance, you can also add a fresh coat of new paint if your really feeling in the cleaning spirit.

After removing everything and determining what is staying and what is going to be donated, the next task is putting it all back. Some like to put things back by having all their pants, shirts, skirts etc. together and then color coordinating within each section.  Others like to put things back by having outfits pre-made and ready to go.

You have to find what works for your life style and closet type.  Tomorrow we will talk about organizing all of your shoes!

We love these organizing &  inspiring ideas from Pinterest

Source: via Abby on Pinterest

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  1. wow great organization ideas! i wish to have a walk in closet too so i can try be creative that way also! i think it's hard to think of crazy creative ways to organize if you dont have more than a cabinet?


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