Thursday, June 21, 2012

My First Mary Kay Party

When my friend Renee/AKA Boss Lady (she used to be my boss) invited a group of us to go to a Mary Kay Makeup Party she had won, we were all more then excited!  Food, beauty products and great people who would turn that down!

We started our night out at Scarboroughs for some great food and drinks.

I know you recognize these two lovely ladies with me...Kelsey (our guest blogger who shared her favorite beauty products with us. Coming soon~ she will review the products she bought at this party)

Jenn has been a guest with us talking about what's in her bag and shared her thoughts on the Infinity Scarf.

We then headed over to the party to meet Sandy our Mary Kay Beauty Consultant.  Since it was a scorching 94 degrees with horrible humidity our make over/makeup party turned into a skin and foot care party. Sandy had little stations all set up for us.

I really loved these little trays

We had buckets of water with one of their fizzy feet tablets to soften our feet  (it felt fabulous having been hot and in heels all day)

We then proceeded to remove our makeup.  I loved this "action" shot LOL  

We had a few choices on which skin care line we wanted to use. I choose the TimeWise Miracle Set.

Overall I was pleased with the products she gave us to try.  I have a skin care regimen that works for me so although I was more than happy to try these I will not be switching my regimen any time soon.

Once we went through the process of  1) Cleansing  2) Exfoliating 3) Toning 4) Moisturizing and 5) Applying our sunscreen we moved on to our lips.

We applied the Satin Lips- Lip Mask (so beautifully modeled by Kelsey) after we removed that, we hydrated our lips with the Satin Lips-Lip Balm .  

We then moved onto our hands and feet.  These were fabulous! 

Our Mary Kay Beauty Consultant/Future Director Sandy was hands down FABULOUS!  If you are ever interested in throwing a party or purchasing any of their products make sure to contact Sandy.

Sandy Goyer
Future Director
Mary Kay Cosmetics
518-428-5526 Call / Text

With Love From the East Coast,


  1. Wow!! What a nice idea, it seems you had a lot of fun :)


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