Monday, April 9, 2012

Style Me

I have this skirt and I would love to wear it on a night out while on vacation, but I've been going back and forth on what to wear on the top end.  Here are a few of the options I've been tossing around.  What style top do you think would look best?

Which top should I wear with my skirt?

Cap sleeve top
$62 -

Madewell top
$35 -

T shirt
€23 -

White Label oversized shirt
£15 -

Foley Corinna sequin mini skirt
$120 -

AllSaints vintage style shirt
$50 -

With Love From SoCal,



  1. I am so loving that skirt! Such an interesting and unique piece, I could totally see how it could work in so many different looks!

    Alexandra xo

  2. I went with no.2 in the poll but I'm loving that pink shirt as well for a more laid back look! BEAUTIFUL skirt!

  3. Thank you for voting, now Gina and I are on the hunt! Xx


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