Thursday, April 5, 2012

Shoes..Heaven or Hell?

Being glamorous or as Kimora would say "Fabulous" does not always need to equal discomfort when it comes to shoes.  I know we all have been there...we bought those absolutely stunning shoes because we had to have them, even though we knew that they did not fit right or feel comfortable.  Or what about those heels that you have to wear all day. They may be comfortable for the first few hours but in reality some of our days are longer then 8 hours, so what do you then?  Here are some helpful tips we have gather from from our own experience and the experts.

Here are the top three products:

Cushioned Edge

Putting an extra spring in your step has never been easier. Staying just within the parameter of your shoes, these super-skinny ¾ insoles fit into open-toe shoes and sandals, providing extra cushioning and ensuring your tootsies will feel totally comfy-but your look will remain clean and stylish. Killer Kushionz, prices start at $6.50; .

Head over Heels

Shoes that are too big for you or weighted down in the front (think platform pumps) can cause serious heel slippage. Luckily, stick-on heel grips correct a finicky fit by creating a textured layer to hold your foot in place. Heel Grips, $3; .

Pain in the Strap

Before you relegate agonizing slingbacks and thong sandals to the category of regrettable purchases, strap these on for size. Available in four colors, these thin strips adhere to the inside of your shoe straps to help prevent painful blisters and ugly red marks caused by slipping straps and excess friction.Strappy Strips, prices start at $3.50; 

Home remedies

  • We read about putting anti-perspirant  on your feet to help avoid your feet from sweating which causes blisters and friction.
  • Take scotch tape or medical tape and tape together your third and fourth toe.  By doing this you a-line the muscle on the ball of your foot which will make you more steady.  I have not tried this one but I am going to.

  • Lightly spray hairspray to your foot (all around, but especially on your sole), wait 5 seconds (not too long so the hairspray does not dry completely) and then place your foot in your heel.

  • If you know it is going to be a long night pack some flats we love these flats in a bag at there are tons of styles and price ranges for all.


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  1. jajaja maybe is fashion heaven and sometimes is fashion heels..hahaha the last week i posted about this one GIF wasted my shoes, hahaha

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  2. i love shoes, pumps, sandals, stilettos - but i wear them only at night. i just love to look at all the different colors - i just love it, don't know why.

    xoxo, andie
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  3. So true!! these tips are soo useful, thanks! Constantia xx follow back?

  4. I love heels everyday, for some reason they're more comfortable than flats...

  5. Great tips! My feet always kill after wearing heels so I will definitely try some of these out :) x

  6. Great tips! Thank you!!!

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  7. Shoes definitely HEAVEN!!! Great tips doll.

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