Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Look Of The Day....Neutral

Sometimes Looks Of The Day are a one, two, three say cheese and you're finished.  Other times like tonight I have to take a hundred shots just to find that one that I think is OK to post. The more pictures I search through the more imperfections I start to notice; getting out of my own way is tougher some days than others. So this is just a friendly reminder to myself and you, we need to stop that "imperfection" train of thought before it consumes us and we need to focus on the positive.

Here I am wearing my Victoria Secret Jeans, Green Merona shirt, brown and cream Banana Republic Cashmere sweater, brown Nine West tall boots, Oversized reversible Joy Mangano bag and my LBD jewels.

With Love from The East Coast,



  1. That bag is really cute - I like it! Happy New Year!

  2. Very sexy look foursome reason you ALWAYS seem to pull it off. You look stylish and ready to rock ! I also love the pocketbook green shirt looks great too. Nanc

  3. Love the whole look ,love the message too! Keep bringing me looks helps me in my selection of style ,fit and $$$$ Thanks Tina


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