Saturday, November 19, 2011

Designer Collaborations

As you know, Versace's collaboration pieces with H&M will be sold in stores starting today. This got me thinking whether or not it would be complete mayhem in H&M stores or where they're sold online(N/A in our US market). Will all the traffic crash their international site like Missoni for Target ended up doing? The last two designer collaborations have been marketed to the extreme, more than I could remember for Rodarte or Zac Posen for Target. The majority of the clothing items sold by Missoni for Target were $50 or under. Not bad, eh? But, as I searched the Versace for H&M price points...ouch! All under $300, but each still carrying a hefty price tag. Are the $299 leather jackets worth it? I'd say yes. But a $60 tank, not so sure. Unless of course, it's "You" and you gotta have it. Then there are others that will drop Benjamins solely b/c these prices are nothing compared to this Italian Fashion House's Haute Couture line.
That being the case, how beneficial are these collaborations? Even though there is an abundance of Missoni for Target items on ebay, as far as Missoni or Target is concerned they still received income from the sale. So no loss for them! It's those shoppers that we all saw with their carts full that are sitting on the inventory. As I searched for an answer, I stumbled upon this article from Fashionista. I plan on venturing out to an H&M store later today...I'll keep you posted!

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