Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TJ Maxx Contest: Week Three

After seeing Ms. West Coast and Ms. SoCals' looks for this challenge I have to admit I was shaking in my boots. But...us girls don't ever back down from a challenge, so I went in with a positive attitude and my $40.00 held high!

Right off the bat my eyes caught these red and black snake skin Guess pumps, but they were $39.99. Although they were cute I didn't think they were "win contest" cute.

Then I searched for trouser pants, you can never have enough of them, but I didn't have any luck; here is the closest I came. They were cute but not the right fit. Also loved the color of the shirt which was from Talbot but they didn't have the right size.

This coat from the Will Smith Collection was so adorable but OMG was it itchy.

Then I thought, Ms. West Coast did a skirt and shirt, Ms. SoCal did jeans and sweater, I am going to do a DRESS!

I fell in love with this London Times dress...the button collar neck, the fact that the dress feels like a sweat-shirt, who can beat that! I added the Obi Kimono belt to accentuate my waist.

London Times Dress (TJ Maxx, $29.99)
Black Obi Kimono Belt (TJ Maxx, $7.99)

The rest you are familiar with:
ASOS Pyramid Lock Envelope Clutch (ASOS, $25.61 on sale)
Anne Michelle Black Peep Toes (TJ Maxx, $25.00)
Diamond Duck Ring (Guess, gift)
Black Chandelier Earrings (Lotus Blossom Design, $8.00)
Mix/Match Stacked Bracelets from Lotus Blossom Design

Now, here's what you have to do:
  1. Like us on Facebook AND Become a follower of our blog if you're NOT already: LBD
  2. Cast your vote on who you think best completed the challenge on or after today: Tuesday, October 17th. (Vote by leaving a clear "This is my vote" under the comment section under the LOTD you're voting for)
  3. We will throw each participant's name in a hat and pick a WINNER!!!
  4. One lucky WINNER will receive a $40 TJ MAXX gift certificate to complete the same challenge!
  5. You, the winner will be featured in our blog along with your own TJ MAXX steals that helped make your ensemble complete.

With Love from the East Coast,



  1. Busty with a small waist!

  2. You look fabulous! I saw that sweater and thought the same darn thing!


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