Monday, October 10, 2011

Look Of The Day...Who Say's You Can't Look Good In Your 50s

Ever wonder where Ms. SoCal and I get our style from? Well...let me introduce you to our beautiful Mother. Her style is age-less and modern. Here is a break down of her look:

Sweater (Garnet Hill, $88.00)
Leaf Green Blouse (Talbots, $80.00)
Boyfriend Jeans (Talbots, $80.00)
Coach Eloise Flats (Macys, $120.00)
Gold Earrings (Steel By Design, around $20.00)
Gold Bangles (Steel By Design, around $20.00)

Betsy Johnson Grey Bag (Gift from Ms. SoCal)

I added this picture because we were having such a fun time during our impromptu photo shoot. I asked her "Ma where is your LBD Jewelry you can't be in a LOTD without your LBD Jewelry? LOL!" She said she forgot to put on her favorite Cleopatra Bracelet. Mommmmm!

With Love From The East Coast,



  1. your mom is a doll! love her easy style and comfy look. the blue and green looks fab together.I know the braclet that you mentioned it would of looked great too. Love the look

  2. Is that realy your mom? I love the color of her shirt and sweater together nice combo.Is that sweater still available? I love her flats too. Nice outfit

  3. Yes that is really our mom LOL :) I know i loved the blue and green together as well, that is what inspired LBDs Green Tea Bracelet...I believe the sweater is still available on Garnet Hill.

    xo Gina

  4. what a great look i to agree with the blue and green contrast, i never think to do that. Love the entire look love the sweater too.Your mom is a doll i agree!

  5. What a pretty mama!

  6. I am in my 30's and i would so rock this outfit too!Great colors now to get my mom to look this hip. Love the whole shabang!

  7. What a mom love love love the outfit.Are the jeans still available?

  8. Friend told me that your mom was look of the day, i had to see for myself. Love the whole outfit.Moms a DOLL

  9. I to love the color blocking look.The sweater is such a nice blue not over the top. Is the shirt short sleeves?Love the look will show my step-mom this evening, she will love this i bet!

  10. What a great look and not very expensive either, love that too, and i agree with everyone else your mom is a doll

  11. I to agree, love the prices something that i could afford.Now don't get me wrong i am willing to go all out however, this look is just right.

  12. She doesn't look old enough to be your mom. She looks like Gidget! I love the look. So lucky you are to have a mother that's so cute. love it!!!!


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