Thursday, October 20, 2011

Look Of The Day...On your mark...get set...go!

You always see us look so "purdied" up, and while yes that is part of who we are it is not us 24/7. Here I am getting ready for a run with my favorite running partner.

Yoga crop pants from Champion (Target, $19.00)
Grey Tank (Target, $15.00)
Black Hanes Tshirt ($19.00)
Long Story short, It was new and I had a rip in it and instead of just throwing out I added more rips and wear it to run.
Nike Black and Purple Shox (Finish Line, $99.00)

Favorite Running Partner Ligeia

With Love from the East Coast,


  1. I think you and your dog are wicked good, love you both.Love your workout gear and your partner!Does your dog wear anything while running with you?Reflective gear is that what is on your sneakers?

  2. thanks your so sweet, no she doesnt wear anything but a harness when i run with her. As for my sneaker yes xo


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