Saturday, October 1, 2011

Discount Designer Sites We Love

We've found the sites where you could find designer items for less. These should satisfy your desire for those designer items while not having to spend full price. We all aren't fortunate enough to have Couture outlets by us. Although, in my experience I have found even better deals on these sites!

Things you should know:
  1. You will have to create a user name and password
    1. This means that you will receive those tempting emails daily, so join at your own risk!
  2. Most of these sites feature designer items for a limited time, ie) 24hrs
  3. Rule of thumb is: If you want an item from this designer, many others do too. So you have to visit the sale the minute, even the second it opens.
    1. Shopping carts usually have a time limit of 10 or 20 minutes. Be mindful so you don't lose that item while searching for another.
  4. SOME of these sites have to wait for the designer to ship it to them before they ship it out, so you could be waiting for this item for 30 days! Torture, I know. But saving so much may make it worth it to you. Start looking for that Christmas party dress now!
  5. Due to the limited time that these designers are featured, items may be final sale. Exceptions may be defect of course.
  6. Most of these sites also have Flash Sales of a particular designer or category(party dresses) for an additional % off on the weekend and holidays.
Here's the list we compiled here at Lotus Blossom Design:

To Rent designer looks:
To Rent or Buy designer handbags and accessories:

For the Home:

Are there any sites that you love shopping for the discounts? Please Share!!!

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