Monday, August 8, 2011

You Better Check Yo' Self...

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to hang out with an old friend of my husband's. The plan was to go to his place for dinner and some drinks. After a long day of work and a hard work out, I put moderate effort into my outfit and makeup. My hair was minimal effort. I had washed and air dried my hair that morning. After working out, it was doing this weird curly/wavy thing, and I could not figure out how to work it. I put it half up, knowing I would take it down in the car and hope for the best. I arrived at his friend's house...completely forgetting his girl-friend from out of town was visiting. I was really regretting my outfits choices. Why? Was it because this gorgeous specimen looked ready to hit the town? Was it that the widest part of her back looked to be about 12 inches across yet she still had curves? Was is that we could be related with our similar features, hair color, and skin tone? AHHHHHH...I felt myself shrinking into myself and my confidence wavering. Rather than stay in for dinner, we were now going out for dinner. I was not prepared for this change- outfit wise or mood wise. However, I did have my Aldo patent leather open toed wedges. I brought them along before I ran out of the house with my bedazzled black flip flops. I had a black tank under my slightly sheer black BCBG graphic T-shirt. To zhuzh up my look, I could 86 the tank and rock the T-shirt. Before I had time to make any moves, I was being ushered into the bathroom. The girl-friend was staging a mini intervention, and I was the star!

She very sweetly gave me shirt to borrow and a black onyx cocktail ring to add some bling and interest to my outfit. As she helped add length to my torso by pulling the shirt down as much as possible, I worked on adjusting my bra for maximum capacity. Ladies, I think you know the secret move to make the "girls" look their best. Next, she added a layer of mascara while admonishing me for curling my lashes. I guess they were crooked! She added a touch of blush and teased my hair. I graciously accepted her compliment about how nice my hair was. After looking in the mirror, the few changes did really perk up my makeup and outfit. As we walked out of the house to hit the town, I made a few mental notes. First, I should plan for the unexpected. You never know when a casual dinner or night in may turn into a night out. Second, I should dress my best. Isn't it always the time you run out to the grocery store in your sweats the time you see your neighbor/co-worker/crush? Third, it should be the right circumstance, and I should be in the right mood if I am not dressed my best. This may be while running the dog outside or if a dear friend comes over to watch a movie. Lastly, there are those rare and special times when I truly do not give a frog's fat ass. However, for the majority of the time, I will defer to points 1-3.

With Love From the West Coast,

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