Monday, August 22, 2011

My Fashionable Friends and Fam

It has been wonderful seeing family and friends over the past few weeks. It is definitely a change to see my friends pregnant or toting their very adorable offspring and fashionable baby bags. This is usually a very large chic purse or carryall. Some of the friends I had the chance to visit with I have known since high school. To me, they look the same as I remember. When I look around at our clothes and hair and listen to our conversations, we are us, but only a little different. I am looking at updated versions our high school selves. It seems like we are coasting into our thirties quite nicely! Here are some interesting observations I have made during my visit.

I have started to like more of the looks from magazines like Talbots and Garnet Hill (I hadn't heard of it either...very cute). Even though these clothes are way too pricey, I am finding myself liking more and more of the clothes they offered. You can be fashionable at any age, but as you get older, you have to find looks to suit your taste and shape. You have to be true to yourself and this often takes more discretion. You can't always just throw on "whatever" and have it look good. I personally like this challenge. This is not fashion for amateurs, but fashion for seasoned vets. I can't think of a better example of this than Helen Mirren. She looks so amazing and makes wonderful fashion decisions. She can still rock a bikini, but would never walk around in a mini skirt. It is important to dress age appropriate while still allowing some of your own sparkle through. I probably won't stop shopping at stores like Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe for a few more years to come. However, it has been interesting to watch my purchases shift from going out tops and dresses to scarves or adorable sun dresses.

As I look around at my stylish friends and family, I give them two big snaps in a circle formation for being true to themselves without stepping out of fashion bounds. With my high school and college friends, it is neat to see 15 years of friendship and fashion evolve. We still look the same and still crack up over the same things, but we are entering a very new and exciting era in our lives.

With Love From the "West Coast"

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