Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday's Musings...

As our first day of school is off to a rocky start, I find myself looking forward and planning my outfits for the week as well as looking back at the different "fashion" discussions I either overheard or took part in. My brain is trying hard to stay at work, but other interruptions keep trying to get in!

This week I roasted in the bleachers while watching a very exciting youth football game. It was so hot, I wished I had worn a dress or skirt. Wearing pants/shorts does not provide enough who- ha ventilation on 90 degree humid days. Anyway, I overheard a guy say, "These people are dressed like it's 1995." I did a quick glimpse around, and realized he was right. Why had I not picked up on this? Was it because I only saw the hot moms approaching their 40s and not looking a day past theirs 30s with their impeccable outfits, non-melting makeup, and designer bet!

My next fashion musing occurred as I got dressed this morning. Even though I have not finished all my back-to-school shopping (you better believe my mom helped add to my shoe collection, though), I was excited to get dressed up for the first day. I wore a very cute skirt that you will see as my LOD (look of the day) tomorrow. My co-workers who usually don't make much fashion fuss, told me how cute I looked. Not all of them seemed as fashionably excited as I did for my first day.

My last fashion musing is a topic I have brought up before, but not in too much depth. I think San Diego is a dueling cougar town with LA. My boss was shocked after spending a day at the races. She commented, "These women look like they put so much work to get ready. They have all that makeup, jewelry, the hats, tight just seems exhausting." She went on to describe the dresses she saw and how age inappropriate they seemed. I have never been to the races, and I do not condone cut-out, slinky dresses for a daytime event. Granted, some of these women work hard and can probably rock these types of things, but I think wearing something just because you can can really detract from one's beauty. You end up looking desperate. There, I said it.

With Love From the West Coast,

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