Monday, July 11, 2011

To All the Ladies!

I was very fortunate this past weekend to spend quality time with three amazing women and friends. I was tickled pink when they each told me they read the blog via our Facebook posts. I was really flattered! Thanks, Ladies! It was also interesting because I heard something similar from each of them. A "I don't know how you do it"/"You're so strong" kind of thing. In a way, I was once again flattered, but also relieved to know I was not crazy or blowing things out of proportion- especially since this was a conversation piece I had not brought up.

Those who are near and dear to my heart know what I am talking about. Those reading from a more outside perspective, I am not quite sure I am ready to divulge all the details. In a nutshell, I have been feeling that my integrity and feelings are not being acknowledged. This got me thinking about how strong women are. Not only do we seem to make it all work while holding it together, we are not afraid to let our true colors show. We are natural multi-taskers and always know where things are in the fridge/drawer/car etc (ha!). We are entrepreneurs and savvy business women. We are not afraid to take fashion risks and have made bold moves in the work force. We handle ourselves with style and grace and each have our own complicated yet beautiful mix of brains, personality, style, emotions, and sass. We raise families, while raising and holding up each other. I have been blessed to be surrounded by a strong group of women. I love and thank you all for your support. LBD thanks you for all your great feedback, following, and love!

With Love From the West Coast,


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  1. Good Message. Although, I still don't believe multi-tasking exists lol


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