Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's In the Bag

Welcome to It's In the Bag, where we interview our favorite people to see what's in their bag and learn a little more about them.

Meet our Friend and founder of That's So New York-Daniel Dunt. We love that his blog looks at the unique/alternative take on the fashion industry with means to look into the up-and-coming rather than the established. We adore him and know you will too!

What are two fun facts about yourself?
hm, fun facts? If I'm totally honest, I do really love the Smurfs (remember them?) and as a kid (well a younger kid, seeming I'm only 15-years-old right now) I watched them pretty much everyday; *thinking* .. I've always admired musicals... this one time I went to see 'Oliver' (Oliver Twist) at the West End in London and for around two or three weeks after the show I was obsessed with the thought of being a part of the West End and particularly the thought of singing and dancing around on a stage in front of hundreds (shame I cannot sing, or dance for that matter) *huff*

What bag are you rocking in your picture?
The bag in my picture is my everyday bag; it's the bag I take out when I'm off to town or just out with friends .. it's nothing fancy; I picked it up for nifty £15.00 during the H&M sale whilst I was shopping in Covent Garden, London.

What are two things in your bag right now that you can't live without?
I know it may sound a little cliché, yet I always have a pen and some paper in my bag; then when I get an idea for a post of remember a label or item I want to ramble on about in my next post, I quickly jot them down... Oh! I also always have my wallet where I store every train ticket which I've purchased in the past year or two (what can I say, I love memories) along with a Christmas hat from around three years ago- it's gold.

Who Is your favorite designer and why?
Recently I've been a huge fan of Alex & Chloe; those of you who may have read my blog 'That's So New York' will know that I always try and focus on the unique/alternative labels rather than the established internationally-known labels; I have a small obsession with various fringing techniques along with chunky jewelry (despite the fact it's pretty hard to find as a guy) and Alex & Chloe hit the nail right on the head almost every season.

What do you do when you are not blogging? What is your job?
Job? hm, Well .. I'm a Student and I've just finished Secondary School (high-school to some of you) and will be moving onto College this coming September; I also have a number of extra things I do on the side .. I help out a couple of up-and-coming labels with promotion (and media) and I also am currently in the process of producing my own Online-Boutique which will launch this coming September .. Oh! I also write for a couple of Online-Magazines!

How would you describe your personal style?
Well .. right now I do not exactly dress how I would like (as my bank balance is limited) yet I really love pretty much anything vintage and also things which are over-the-top and modern/futuristic, such as geometric prints (etc) .. now that reminds me, during the Summer I must head on down to London and do some much needed vintage shopping in preparation for College!

With Love From the West Coast,

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