Monday, July 25, 2011

Goodbye, Kitty?

For some reason, I have become increasingly obsessed with Hello Kitty. Is it that perfect round face, that innocent stare, or the impeccable bow? I know I had some HK paraphernalia growing up, but I never took full advantage of it. Now, I must be trying to compensate. Everywhere I go, I am tempted to buy some type of HK product. Like many other fashion rules, moderation is key.

Any type of stationary is okay in my book. I have a magnetic Hello Kitty list on our fridge as well as some stickers, pencils, and stationary. I also love the HK Band-aids I have. Even if I have a minor paper cut, I will still put one on! I have also been known to buy a few cards with her big face gracing the outside. I own a Hello Kitty robe for when I get out of the shower. I try to keep it as part of my rotation, rather than wear it all the time. After a recent trip to the mall, I was ambushed by HK pajamas, T-shirts, and slippers. I tried on a pair of pajamas and slippers, but then I reminded myself my money would be better invested in a more "mature" item like a purse, watch, or necklace. The items I most love, are the most is usually the case. I have seen a very nice HK necklace as well as a watch. If I were going to spend that kind of money on jewelry, it probably would not be Hello Kitty. Maybe her purrfect face is no match for some of the higher end brands.

With Love From the West Coast,


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