Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our Favorite Summer Dresses under $50.00

With the last three days being in the 90s, I have been longing after summer dresses. I just loved these dresses from ModCloth and the fact that they are all under $50.00 just heightens their appeal. I slip on my nude Jessica Simpson Gemy wedges and I'm ready to go. With a scarf or a summer blazer, I can even wear the strapless ones for work. Then as soon as I am out of the office doors, off they come and I'm ready for my dinner date or stroll in the park.

Strapless evening dress
$45 -

Slip dress
$48 -

Vintage dress
$48 -

$50 -

Cocktail party dress
$45 -

Pocket dress
$48 -

Ryu high heels
$45 -

With Love From the East Coast


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