Monday, June 13, 2011

Fashion Police

I have always loved checking out the Fashion Police pages of any smut magazine I can get my hands on. Sometimes the celebrity is a regular standard- other times they are more unexpected. Along the same lines, Joan Rivers and her panel from E's Fashion Police really crack me up. It is great how they do not always agree, and Joan's one liners leave me in stitches. As I watched Joan pick apart Amanda Bynes' outfit to the MTV Awards, I started to think of my worst fashion moments. Two immediately popped into my brain. The last one I had to really think about.

My first flub still makes me cringe. It was my freshman year of college, and I was walking to the campus book store. I was wearing denim short overalls, a rosy red spaghetti strap tank from the Gap, and brown Birkenstock type sandals. Out of all the cute shorts and dresses I owned, this was the outfit I chose for my first real day of college (unpacking day doesn't really count)! On my way to the book store I was accosted by a Kappa Sig sophomore. In this lame outfit, I was invited to a party later that night. Even more shocking, I stayed in the same outfit to attend the party. Yikes!

My second fashion disaster occurred while I was studying abroad. While hiking the beautiful towns known as Cinque Terre, I wore navy blue Nike running shorts, sneakers, and a T-shirt from Euro Disney. Granted, it was hot and I wanted to be comfortable, but when I saw the local beauties in dress skirts and heels, I knew my getup must have been screaming "tourist." If I wanted to be comfortable hiking, I could have maybe worn more presentable comfy clothes. Perhaps some lululemon pants and matching jacket or tank? Maybe some leggings? There is no way I could hike that route in heels, but I could have definitely stepped it up.

My third fashion faux pas was harder to think of. It is not so much as one bad outfit, but a combination of bad choices. Whenever I do not know what to wear, I choose something black. When I am rushed or feeling sluggish, my first instinct is to pull something black out of my closet. I think there have been times where I have worn black in some manner for a solid week. I am no Michael Kors and frown upon my poor choices.

Although it is easy to judge those in the spotlight for their sometimes bad fashion choices, we are all guilty of some kind of fashion flaw.

With Love From the West Coast,

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