Monday, May 23, 2011

De Donde Eres?

Ever since I moved to San Diego, I can count on two hands the number of times I have been asked: "Where are you from?" and its variant: You're not from around here, are you?" I don't know what it is about these strangers' questions that really gets me smiling and gets me thinking.
First, I think it is a compliment to stand apart from others in a positive light. This response has been sometimes prompted after I held the door for someone or let them get ahead of me in the checkout line. Other times, it has been followed up by questions about my heritage. Every time the question comes up, it gets me wondering what are people truly thinking. Since I LOVE to over analyze everything, here is what runs through my head:

  • Do I look so plain that I stand out from everyone else?

  • Do I look so unique that I stand out (Let's hope it's this one!)?

  • Do people pigeonhole certain looks to certain locales? They associate San Diego with blondes and being a brunette, I must be from somewhere else.

  • Do my East Coast roots shine through loud and clear?

Although there may not be a simple answer, this question always catches me off guard. Don't worry...I will be sure to ask the next stranger why they want to know and what prompted them to ask!

With Love From the West Coast,



  1. It's the same here with me!
    I'm from Curacao. My mom's from Curacao and my Dad is from Aruba

    Every time I go somewhere someone will ask me If I'm Arabic or Indian.
    One day an Indian guy asked me "Hey which part of India are you"! I'm like serious dude, don't you regonize your own people?

    I think people ask me because of my thick almost black eyebrows and my deep eyes. But oh well!

    But sometimes it get pretty anoying. One day I went for a application were you need too be residence to apply.

    When I was almost done applying the girl asked me loud infront of everyone that she can't help me cause I need to be residence.
    I was like damn it and show her my ID. But it was very rude of her.

    Sorry this was long LOL.
    Sometimes it's fun. but sometimes it gets anoying

  2. Thanks for the comment! People can be funny...and interesting! My dear friend has a very unique look and people always ask her: "What are you?" She always replies: "I am a human being."


  3. Michelle all that matters is that you're sweet...and hot! lol


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