Friday, May 27, 2011

Celebrity Looks On a Budget

Have you ever flipped through the pages of fashion magazines and lust after their looks? If you're like me, you've dog-eared many pages by the time you reach the back cover. But, there's always one item that stands out. For me, it was a picture of Eva Mendes' tan wedge sandals that I saw her wearing in May's Glamour. My first thought was, "They're probably Louboutin or Weitzman wedges," followed by, "Ok, I'll just be a little short on this month's mortgage". Yeah right! So that's when I began my online search.

I prepped myself knowing that I wouldn't be able to find the exact look, but would be ok with the main style points met. For example, I wanted the wood bottom. Cork nor espadrille would do. I also was out to find two straps over the toes, not just one. Here's what I found...pretty good right?

Bebe Nova Wedge Sandals

With Love From SoCal,

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