Thursday, April 28, 2011

DIY Jean Shorts from Socal

I was so bummed when my most comfy designer jeans began to wear on
both knees. They were too perfectly worn, almost like two slits to
take advantage of the ripped jeans look. It just so happened to be a
beautiful high70s Socal day and I needed a pair of shorts to wear with
my "ready for a tan" strapless shirt I had on. After tearing apart my
drawers for shorts, all I had was a pile of dressy or somewhat dressy
shorts. These would not do for a day out in the backyard playing
trucks and making my son's favorite, rock soup.

So here's what I did:

I took a pair of scissors to my favorite pair of Seven jeans!
I laid them flat on the ground and made one continuous cut across one
leg. Then I laid the cut off piece of jean over the other leg and used
it as a guide.

I tried them on and needed them a little bit shorter,
so I just repeated the 1st step.

I chose to do a simple flip up.

But if you are looking for that fringed look, take a thread remover or a pin and loosen the jean thread all around the bottom of your new cut off shorts.

Good luck and remember it's better to cut them a little longer the 1st
time around than vice versa.

With Love from Socal,


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