Thursday, April 21, 2011

15 Things you don't know about me

We are always getting emails here at LBD of people wanting to know a little more about us, so here are 15 Things you don't know about me....

1) I am a horrible speller
2) I am more a dog fan than a cat fan
3) I can’t sit still for very long
4) When I get excited about an idea I tend to use my “outside” voice when talking about it
5) I love Kung Fu movies… any Shaw Brothers movie will do
6) I believe I was some sort of secret agent in my previous life
7) I can’t sing to save my life… but I can dance
8) I only own big/boy size watches
9) I am a fashion magazine junkie
10) I have what I feel is a superpower smelling ability
11) I am learning Italian
12) I say “come again” when I didn’t hear what you said, or was confused by what you said
13) I am good cook but a crappy baker
14) I am not 100% sure on my natural hair color
15) I am a coffee addict.

With Love From the East Coast,

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