Thursday, March 3, 2011

Make It Your Own...

Someone said to me “I love Fashion Week but really, I don’t think I would wear or even know how to wear some of these fashion trends” and I had to agree. I view Fashion Week and Fashion in general from two views, an artistic view (the designer gets to use the runway as his/her canvas) and to get a general idea of trends and colors that are going to be hot for that season. But lately, it’s hard to tell what is “hot” and what is “not.” After reading some of my favorite fashion blogs, and my staple magazines (Bazaar,Vogue, Elle) I realized I wasn’t the only one. Every color of the rainbow is “hot” right now, but so is black, white and neutral (the complete opposite) and let’s not forget stripes and patterns are “hot.” We are being told you can wear spikes and chains on Monday, lace and flirty-lady-like outfits on Tuesday or Tribal patterns on Wednesday and we will still be considered “stylish and trendy.”

For those who look to the “fashion guru’s” for guidance this maybe your time to be your own “fashion guru.” Now as fashionistas we need to use the “rules” we have learned for our body type. Just because we now have this plethora of options doesn’t mean each option is meant for us. I say that with love. Here are a few reminders or helpful hints when searching for your spring wardrobe.

Pick a color that flatters you. We now have the whole rainbow to choose from; look for colors that brighten your skin tone. Scared to use color? Well your in luck since black, white and neutral are also in. Choose one color and pair it with black, white or steps.

Patterns are tricky. They tell us it’s ok to mix and match, but are you afraid of looking like you got dressed with the lights off? Try a funky pattern on either the top or bottom (whichever is more flattering to your body type) and pick a solid color for the other.

Try to embrace this time my fashionistas! Take what works for your body type and then just have fun with it. Share with us what trends and colors you will be experimenting with, we love hearing from you!

With Love From East Coast,


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