Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday's Tip

Even with my highest heels on, I am no where near super model height. Even though I love skinny jeans, not every pair looks okay on my body type. As new trends arise in 2011, here are some tips adopted from the one and only Cliton Kelly to make the trends work with your body and keep you looking fabulous.

The Trend: Shiny fabrics.
The Tip: They’re great in theory but shiny fabrics can emphasize— even wildly exaggerate— the slightest bulge. Instead of a tight, shiny dress, try a shiny blouse or tank under a blazer. Accents are key here.

The Trend: Skinny pants.
The Tip: The key is the length of the shirt you pair the skinny pants with. Go with a hem that covers only the top half of your butt. That way you’re minimizing the impact of your behind but not interrupting the long line of your legs.

The Trend: Faux fur
The Tip: Since fur adds bulk, go for a vest instead of a jacket. If your arms look skinny (and they will in comparison) it’s clear that the fur is providing the heft, not you.

The Trend: Over-the-knee boots.
The Tip: Go monochromatic by pairing black leggings with black boots, which lengthens the line of your legs.

The Trend: Statement necklaces.
The Tip: Keep your necklaces as long as possible. Anything that elongates your neckline by drawing your eye-gaze down also elongates your frame.

The Trend: Chunky sweaters.
The Tip: It’s all about the shape. A V-neck is the most flattering—again, anything that elongates your neck will make you look longer and leaner. Also think about the overall silhouette. Balance out a voluminous sweater with a streamlined leg.

The Trend: Embellished belts.
The Tip: A thick, detailed belt will add dimension to an outfit and draw the eye to the smallest part of you. If you don’t have a small waist wear the belt slightly higher to help create the illusion that you do.

We at LBD love to hear your tips and secrets! What do you do to make your clothes look their best on your body? Is there any new styles you will try in 2011?

With Love from the West Coast,

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