Thursday, January 6, 2011

Real vs. Steal

As I walked upstairs to work this morning, I scuffed my brand new pair of patent leather gold flats...probably because I am much more graceful in heels (or at least it feels that way). The coating came off and left a tiny flaw that no one will ever notice, but it is something that will bug me every time a catch a glimpse of it. This got me thinking...what if these were Louboutins? The more magazines I read, the more and more I want a pair. What if I invested in a pair and scuffed them? Until I am financially ready to make a big shoe commitment, I am okay with taking the knock-off route. My cousin, Bianca, (a.k.a. Super M.I.L.K), found this clever website that often compares high fashion (sometimes sold out) shoes, dresses, bags, sunglasses, etc. with their cheaper look-alike counter parts. The site offers plenty of choices and prices. They feature celebrities, and you can vote for who wore the look the best. It is good eye-candy, a great way to waste time at work, and gets your brain in gear for some shopping. Check it out at:

Let us know what you get! We love oohing and ahhing over great finds!

With Love From the West Coast,

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