Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wear in the World?

After traveling, spending two weeks on the East Coast, and enduring a beautiful blizzard, I have come to some interesting fashion conclusions. Brace yourself...this may be my most opinionated blog yet!

To start, I have never been so aware of those around me and how they dressed. It was interesting to see not only the weather and scenery change so dramatically by a 6 hour flight, but to also see fashion transform right before my little eyes.

My first fashion mental note occurred as I boarded our red eye to Boston. In front of me on the jet-way were two young girls in black sweats, black Uggs (bleck), and funky tee shirts. They were holding extra large Marc Jacobs bags (me likey) and looked ready for a good nap. It was so odd to me because you could tell they put effort into their outfits, but they put effort in to look extra casual and bummy. I was perplexed! Since I usually feel so groggy after a sleepless plane ride, I like to step up my outfit. Maybe my two-tone suede/patent leather below the knee boots take the attention away from the bags under my eyes. By the way, you would not believe how many people stared/commented on these boots. The comments from the females were easily accepted compared to the comments by older men.

My next observation makes me feel like some sort of fashion snob. From the high end mall to the local grocery store, I was so confused by what I witnessed. I conferred with my husband, and he agreed with me. It is almost as if the cold weather causes some people to give up and throw in the fashion towel. I get it... the cold is not much fun and snow can bring misery for some, but that does not mean you have to leave the house with an outfit as unlively as the winter trees. On the other hand, it would also be ridiculous to constantly coordinate hat, boots, glove, scarf, etc. There must be some balance. Maybe a fun pair of winter boots or a textured winter coat to amp the sass up just a pinch.

This also got me thinking about the West Coast. Have I been surrounded with an ample helping of brand names and over the top dressing, that this has become the norm? If I were unknowingly placed in a store in San Diego and a store in a Connecticut town, would I be able to tell where I was? Obviously, this would have to occur in the spring or summer since west/east coast fall and winter vary so greatly.

No matter where you are, LBD encourages you to put your best fashion foot forward. We all have our fashion faux pas, but I know 2011 will be a fashionable year. Cheers to a prosperous and healthy New Year where our fashionable moments outshine our occasional fashion blunders.

With Love From the West Coast,

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