Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday's Tip

Here are some tips for keeping your hair looking stylish while and after wearing your winter hats.Winter Hats

If you're just looking to keep warm, choose a hat that isn't too heavy or tight on your head. Then, you won't get creases on your hair.

Make sure your hair is completely dry before you put the hat on or it will dry the way the hat is formed on your head.

If your hair is prone to sticking to your head, try spraying Static Guard on the inside of your hat before wearing it.

If you have a particular hat you want to wear, consider the fact that heat gets trapped inside the hat, sealing your style as it lays under the hat. To prevent hat hair, create a style underneath that will look good sealed that way.

If you have long hair, try twisting it into a bun or a loose ponytail at the nape of your neck with cloth-covered elastic and then put the hat over it. Shake it out when you take the hat off to have soft waves.

If you have short hair, pin it in sections (twisted or bumped) and then shake them out when you're done.

Always create volume with your hairstyle before putting the hat on to keep it from getting plastered to your head underneath the hat.

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