Monday, December 13, 2010

Is it really the mirrors fault?

While braving the crazy crowds and waiting in the long holiday lines at the mall this weekend, a women in front of me says, "Did she even look in the mirror when she left the house?" She was referring to the lady in the white with lace pattern spandex, a short shirt, and heels. At the risk of sounding judgmental, I am not sure that this outfit was appropriate for the public.

The sad part is...we are all guilty of it; at one time or another we have mumbled these words. This made me think, is it really the mirrors fault? How many times have our friends said, "does this look good?" We say "yes" when we really should say "no." While our intentions are not to hurt our friends feelings, are we really doing them any justice by not being honest?

Looking back through old picture of me, I wish my friends had told me "no...try again" a few times. Although, I am just as guilty of the "yes" when I probably should have said "no" in the past, the older I become I find myself being more honest. Or at the very least, I am learning how to be honest and not hurtful.

What are you thoughts LBD readers... do you think honesty or silence is the best policy?

Also, we would love to hear the tactful way that you let your friends know that outfit is a no, no.

With Love From the East Coast,

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