Sunday, November 14, 2010

No Glamour Flares, Just Simple Sharp Gear

After reading LBD’s blogs on simple fashions from a woman’s perspective, I thought I’d reach out and share my ideas from a man’s point of view. We men also appreciate great looking gear, i.e., clothing to set the mood for the day’s events. No matter how you look at it, everyday is potentially a fashion statement. If you view getting dressed similarly as to how I view it…each morning, before your day actually starts, you keep mental notes in the back of your mind of what you’d like your appearance’s vibe to come off as. This doesn’t account for party evenings, concerts, etc., but rather the days in which business is…as usual.

For the most part, it’s the power of the dollar that decides how we dress for the day. Given the everyday hustle and bustle of making a dollar, my only concern in the process of picking out my gear is how effective its presentation is in helping or hindering my completing as many goals as possible before the day’s end. If I had to zero in on a mantra, it would be to “be on point.” It’s just that simple; Simple Sharp Gear for me is the clothing in which I am “on point” in terms of less hassle, but ready to get the job done! An example of a casual outfit for today’s current unstable New York weather in between fall and winter might look like what I’ve put together below:

Everyday Wear
Everyday Wear by lotus blossom design featuring wool vests

I’d like to express thanks to the LBD family for allowing me to be one of the first men to share a fashion perspective.


Mr. Yours Truly

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