Monday, November 8, 2010

Do we make the clothes or do the clothes make us PART 2...

After my blog Monday, I really started to pay attention to how I felt in the clothes I had on. As I look back on my notes, I came to discover it is a combination of my attitude and my outfit. They help each other -alone I tend to want to blend in, but together I find I tend to walk taller. Tuesday, I wore my original outfit, and I did feel more business professional and ready for my day. I also had a business meeting during the week, so I wore my favorite black dress pants and blazer. I chose this because I am comfortable in it, yet feel very confident. I know that our beauty radiates from within, and that no matter what I have on I should feel beautiful, confident and ready for the day. Being realistic, that isn't always the case. So when you're having one of those days, don't opt for the "blend in" look, go for the "walking tall" won't be disappointed!

I will also have to keep in mind Michelle's quick tips to look polished in no time.

I was also excited to receive feedback from you guys. Here are a few comments:

To LBD: Loved the message. I picked an army green suit today with black boots. Subconsciously I must have known I better be dressed for battle..from anonymous

To LBD: It was cold so all I was thinking was warm and comfy....not stylish. As I think about it, my attitude was affected because I felt kind of like I looked tired and worn. love your blog JM

To LBD: I feel that I make the clothes, not the clothes make me. No matter what I have on, I feel fierce and fabolous because its what is on the inside that counts. xo Sarah

With Love From the East Coast,


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