Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Another Reason to Love October

As we have already been reminded by the display of pink ribbons on our favorite products and even the splash of pink sported by our favorite football teams; October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

  • Learn how to do a proper self-exam and have a clinical breast examination at your annual medical checkup. Determine your risk factors and discuss these with your doctor so that you can decide when to start having regular mammograms. The site http://www.bebrightpink.org/ provides a wealth of information and teaches how to "go to second base with yourself". You can sign up for monthly SBE reminders.

  • Reduce how long you wear a bra and only wear ones that fit you properly. Invest in a very supportive, well-fitting sports bra. Check out this site for recommendations and reviews-http://www.sportsbras.com/

  • Try to cultivate a positive attitude about your breasts and your body in general. Decide to love your breasts as they are. Ideally, your breasts will be your breasts for life. Changing your attitude is entirely in your power.

  • Your breasts are not an isolated system-they are affected by how well you treat your body. Exercise and a proper diet are important. Exercise-with the correct sports bra, of course-can be one of the most important ways to keep your weight and gals in check.

  • Finally, be sure to check out all the great deals and fashions going on this month. Keep an eye out for LBD's feature breast cancer awareness bracelet! Ideeli has some wonderful pink products and fashions. You have to register to join, but as mentioned in an earlier blog, they are one of our favorite sites. http://www.ideeli.com/events/58250/latest_view
Big and small let's love and save them all!

With Love From the West Coast,


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