Thursday, September 16, 2010

Goldilocks & the Three Hairs

When I think about my facialist and hair stylist, I realize these are people I could easily sit down with and share a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. They are easy to talk to, and I enjoy their company. Martine and Andrew just "get me." When you are paying for these services, it is important to feel comfortable and have your needs understood and heard. Until I met my angelic eyebrow tamer, Heidi, I had a tough time trusting my brows in someone else's hands. After months of growing them back and fighting the tempting urge to pluck (pictures from high school to college show my eyebrows on a progressive skinny "diet"), I needed someone I could trust. My past experiences had not been so great...

One spa waxed by eyebrows and then drew in the projected fullness with an eyebrow pencil/powder. I took one look in the mirror and was horrified. The esthetician had Brook Shielded me! I had eyebrows like never before. Even though I was eager to wipe them away, I held off until I got home. I loved seeing my husband's reaction when I told him I loved the look so much, I decided to tattoo them on. My next experience was not as bad. The esthetician, Carrie, was really sweet and knew her stuff. Her salon was trained by Anastasia Soare (famous eyebrow guru to the stars). The more I went there, the more I realized my eyebrows started to look like Carrie's brows. Her eyebrows were great...on her face. I also had a problem using eyebrow stencils. How could there only be five stencils when there are more than five different face shapes? Finally, I decided to try a different avenue. Rather than waxing or tweezing, I wanted to try threading.

This leads me back to my gal, Heidi. I just knew I was in the right place as soon as I stepped into her salon. After talking, we realized we were both San Diego transplants from Connecticut. Her best friend had a salon in my hometown! The beauty cosmos were finally lining up! Although I have no clue how twisting a piece of thread picks up a line of hair and removes it, I was so excited by the results. I was back on track to my original eyebrow shape. Post threading I had no bumps or redness. Although the search took over a year, it was well worth it. With Andrew, Martine, and Heidi, I can put my best face forward. Who says you have to be famous to have your own beauty team?!

With Love From the West Coast,


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