Monday, August 2, 2010

Tuesday's Tip!

At my last hair appointment, my hairdresser told me to try not to wash my hair everyday. Too much washing can strip your hair of its natural oils. I have friends who can go a few days without washing their hair and no one would ever know. My hair either looks limp or "shiny" (nice way to say greasy) after one day! After some research and trial and error, I have found a product that works!

Salon Grafix Spray Powder Shampoo, for Brunette Shades is my knight in shining spray can! All I do is spray it on, wait one minute, and then brush the product through my hair. There is no need for water, and it even helps camouflage my gray hairs. Yes, gray gotta love your genes! This line also has a invisible dry shampoo, which I have not tried, but I am guessing it is similar to the powder shampoo. After trying different powders, (even baby powder!) and other dry shampoo sprays, this one is tops. Let us know what you think!

With love from the West Coast,


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  1. Thanks for the TIP.. helps with greys is just what I need.


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