Saturday, August 17, 2013

More from the Florida Keys...

 The view from our hotel room.

 BFF Tara! Missin you!
This is the view from our stools at the Postcard Inn Raw Bar and our entertainment while we ate delicious seafood.

 My first ever, paddle-boarding experience.  The current was no small feat to overcome...

 This way was definitely much easier.
 Our lovely mermaid friend. 

 Our view from dinner on the gulf side of the Keys. 
Delicious lobster tail, even though I'm more of a King Crab kinda girl. 

Everyone gathered around the breathtaking sunset.

With Love & Sunshine,


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  1. What a place, outstanding!:) Seems you had a great time over there, wanna visit it too!:) Paddle-boarding must be so funny! Kisses girls! xo


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