Friday, June 7, 2013

Home Office DIY~ Part 2

Here is that famous desk from my earlier post that you needed to use your imagination on.  This oak table was handed down from my parents to me when I first moved out.  This table has lasted from apt move to apt move and even survived my NY to NC move.  

This DIY was fairly easy and just required patience while the stain dried. I laid down my drop clothes, sanded down the table and applied the stain.  I applied two coats to obtain that darker, richer look that I wanted.

In between applying the coats of stain I worked on my desk chair. 

1. I removed the arms (for good) and as much of the hardware as I could.

2. I draped the curtain over the chair to figure out how I wanted to line up the pattern.

3. Once I found the pattern I liked, I made sure I had enough material all the way around.

4. I started in the front pulled the material tight underneath and started to staple. (The only downside to doing this solo is that I can't staple and take pictures at the same time.)

5.  I followed this method all the way along the bottom of the chair. I tucked extra material in the crease of  the chair. This type of chair had the ability to move up and down and I didn't want the fabric to pull.

6.  I went a little unconventional with the back of the chair.  When you walk up the stairs to the loft/office area you see the back of the chair first.  This type of office chair  had mostly plastic on the back with just a little material on top.

So once the table was stained, the chair re-upholstered, the wall decal up, the rug down and the lampshade switched I was finished!

Remember the before?



  1. love the idea of reupholstering the basic swivel chair. I've never even thought of trying it. But you did an amazing job. Love the chandelier decal too. XX!

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  3. thank u for your comment baby xo


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