Monday, June 10, 2013

Family Beach Day

The rains finally let up on Sunday and I was craving some beach time so I announced my intent to the fam that I was heading out!  The pool just wouldn't do!  The sand and the sound of the ocean are no match for the pool.  So we all headed out in record time because the forecast called for rain late afternoon. 

I got 10 min to myself while they made sandcastles or so I thought.  They were digging a hole to be buried neck deep in. 

Finally a mermaid!  You can't really see the details but they covered the tail with all little sea shells. 

Hope eveyone enjoyed their weekend!

With Love & Sunshine,






  1. Funny pics. Your kids are lovely.
    Martha Zuniga

  2. How sweet! The last photo is so funny, cant wait to go to the beach as well! Your kids are utterly adorable and tender! xo

  3. Love these pics! Miss these crazy kiddos! XX!


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