Friday, June 28, 2013

Daily Find

While browsing Savvy Spice's blog I came across her Old Navy vs. lululemon ~ Battle of the Stretchy Pants post.  During this post she mentioned ViewSPORT  tops--"These shirts for men & women are sweat activated and phrases will actually appear in the back of the shirt once you start sweating enough."  How could that not capture this workout girl’s attention?

My philosophy is, if I am going to take the time to workout I am going to go 100%--Sweating dripping, wanting to quit the entire time,  legs wobbling--you get the picture.  So I clicked over to ViewSPORTs site.   I can't lie I was waiting to see huge price tags; but I was pleasantly surprised to find almost all of their items were under $30.00!   They carry women's, men’s, and customized tees and tanks.

Here are some that caught my eye.  Now I have to just pick one and get my sweat on!!  Which is your favorite?

With Love From the East Coast,


  1. So agree too with that philosophy! The first and the last ones are my fav! xo


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